a look at me right NOW.


So, I set my story to be publicly written. To be open with and understood or misunderstood by whoever. I feel emotionally decimated. As if I’m here but not really. I was scared of being hurt, and now once again I am after forgiving again. Maybe someone will message me and tell me that they feel what I’m feeling too.

tell me i am beautiful world, tell me you’re there for me friends, family, whoever you are.

but tell me that I will ever be vulnerable to someone else, tell me i CAN still open up to someone and fall inlove again. tell me i can use the law of attraction to find my way out of this darkness and be successful. because right now,,,, right now, it feels a little too much as if I’m never getting out of this black hole.

tell me i am coming back into myself, this time being the true me for everyone to see

tell me I am my own soulmate why don’t you.

  • how could you do this to me,

how could you hurt me like this?

over two years of my life now what.


why anything universe. am i right?

I hope I can recover. alone.



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