Let’s talk about fashion for a second,

Fashion in the Oxford dictionary is defined as…

“A popular or the latest style/trend of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior. And the production and marketing of new styles of clothing and cosmetics.”

That seems like an legitimate definition to me. If you think back to any time in the world, what is it that defines scenes of history in our minds? Maybe it’s just me but if someone were to tell me, ‘I want you to close your eyes and pretend like your sitting in a room somewhere 300 years ago. You’re with a friend just lounging around. What do you notice?’ First thing we see is the attire we’re wearing. The clothes we wear define so much of what we live in and where.

But really, fashion isn’t just about clothing and shoes and.. makeup.. and- It’s about how we present ourselves to the world. It is actually the ONLY way we are and can be judged by others without even needing to say a single word to them.

Our everyday attire, or what we throw on to wear to class in a rush isn’t always the best opportunity we get to dress how we truly want to present ourselves. But still we are so diverse and highly evolved that time is of the essence and we can stand as our own despite not having an hour or three to get ready. Over the course of time we’ve become relaxed and more vulnerable with the world. It doesn’t take us so long to look a certain way for a society that demands it. Everything that we do- our rooms, our homes, our clothes and makeup- our voice and the way we walk… We can achieve our true selves through any means of personal aesthetic and

That is what fashions is to me.

from bdoutfit.com

in fashion we choose what we want, and how we want it defines how we see the world, and how we want the world to see us.

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

sooo SHOP ’till you drop beautiful people. Perhaps originally this world was made for man, but now it’s definitely becoming a woman’s playground of expression.

from etsy


  1. So crazy because I’ve been really getting into fashion and how it expresses who I am and how I dress. I’ve recently started to have a deeper appreciation for the clothes I wear not in a materialistic or egotistical way but more in a sense of expression. Fashion is art and it most definitely is a form of expression that allows the creative soul to flourish. Awesome post and insight!

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