Welcome to w0rld

hell–o to you,

my name? Neda Deniz Motiie. This is the story I promised myself I would tell the world one day.

For a long time maybe I thought I would be someone I always dreamt of being. then… came a long chapter of unexpressive and antisocial behavior. ME, just being me. but so alone. In this conceptualized way of life, talking to certain people, only at certain times, I felt like I had to be someone all the time, someone people would accept as normal but I’m done.

has anyone else ever felt like they weren’t being themselves even after being alive for so long? growing up but you don’t know if you can speak up for who you actually are or even want to be?

I loved, and NOW, i LOST. but I lost because I was manipulated, cunning actions, hurtful words, deceit, hate, being cheated on, left to be sorrowful in solitude. YES, I have my friends, but I have myself always so maybe being alone all the time isn’t all that bad.

What do you guys do when you’re sad, tell me. I want to know.

i am me. me. just me. and i am the me that not a single one of you knows who truly exists within this body. this is me, my journey, this is my beginning of truth. A cut into the reality of what this simulation really is about. I’m aware of this world. The pain people feel and the no regard we give things. The turned head, the inability to do something about anything because we aren’t given the power to do so.

here. I’ll talk about topics moving from fun-loving lifestyle tips, fashion, LOVE, heartbreak, my personal voyage, college, friends, and everything that is anything that makes us feel something.

STAY or leave, time is an event in itself we created. Give time meaning, hold onto your seats, and read…

Looks like someone’s finally opening up.


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