Fall fashion week 2018 part one


it’s Ze city of Parisian wear and chicness which envelopes the streets of Paris when it comes to PFW. As most of us know, there is a sense of complete effortlessness when it comes to french style. This years streets of fall paris fashion week delivered in showcasing the most unique outfits starting from an extreme compilation of patterns and designs in a single fit, moving into the most simplest yet captivating pieces as well. It’s been an ongoing battlefield of mix and match. I die for the bold experimentations and creative mixtures of styles. Soft meet’s edgy, bold colors, and big statements. Large flowing maxi skirts and pointed shoes are in, in paris at least! As for futuristic eye wear meets traditional trench coats… i approve this message!

i can almost hear my name being called through the paris air. The wind goes, “Come, come, try this, try that… not a single person can judge you.” What I wouldn’t do to walk the streets in anything I WANT- drinking a cappuccino with some friends before heading to a show… Chanel, Alexander McQueen or Louis? I gotta hold myself up to a certain standard if I’m going to be writing about the ins and out of trends and style around the world. I struggle to find myself and in that, to figure out what my style is itself, and in comparison to others. Seeing women and men of all color wearing pieces they feel themselves in is inspirational to me, and i only hope that i can be myself through the art of fashion as well…

Sometimes I think…. one sense of style is better than the other. Maybe that is true but to what extent? I am curious to continue my journey and see the shifts of the world around me. Nothing’s too forward, or is it?

p.s. having a bad hair day? throw on a hat and you’ll forget all about it 🙂


a look into some admirable street looks from paris fashion week… 



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