LOL sorry¿

in the midst of my discretion i have since been told by a close trustee that i am not in-fact deserving of everything less so anything. this persons motives derive from self assurance and personal gain im sure. just to clear the air for any naive readers out there the previous post was a satire in aims to create a sense of question- of what life is, what’s there to gain and the meaning that is within us all. to demand so much from life or to ask for nothing at all either way, we are simply living and creating a reason to wake up in the morning.

I GUESS for some people, i spoke too soon for i am not deserving of everything i want, yet. so i should put me hedonistic humour away. lol sorry¿

i wonder if i’ll ever get there.

learn some sarcasm folks. and if you’re reading someone’s writing, maybe look at it in a different light, so you don’t end up hating the fact that people like to voice their opinions whether or not you asked for it. get over it maybe. maybe… just shut up and let people reason what they can. let people question what they want.

now i’m gonna have some more sips of wine and wake up just in time to take my art history 2 exam.

thanks for tuning in! lol

twitter post of Victoria Beckham (way cool and relaxed #goals)

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