Day/Night “dreaming”

I’ve decided to keep the writing going and flowing! Might as well open my chakras while sending and receiving energies to those who can help me shift my mindset to where I want to be, right? Sitting in a dim candle lit room alone, feeling expressiveeee…

Heres a couple questions racing through my mind….

  1. Why do people always say things they don’t actually mean?
  2. Or do they not understand the value and meaning of what they’re saying?
  3. And if not, is it a normal feature for humans to say something that we mean one day, yet somehow it’s not valid the next day? (not including drunk examples)
  4. What about when our actions don’t align with our words, why is that?
  5. Wouldn’t that just mean we are contradicting as a species and deserve to be shown no mercy at all while living in a constant channel of karma being passed from one connection to the next?
  6. (Lastly) What now?

I guess I just wanna know why people are capable of hurting someone they “love.” and is that even love?

gossip girl

despite the pain… I’m dreaming in thoughts of one day… dreaming of love some day.

Lots of travel, beauty in my surroundings beauty in myself and others around me, delicious decorative foods, and intense emotions felt through new experiences.

Clothes, shopping, new languages and smells of different places like bookstores and coffeeshops, is that too cliche to say?

What is everyone else daydreaming of tonight.


Another topic of discussion… ART.

I used to paint all the time, but for the past semester or maybe even year now, my flow has seriously mellowed out and I’m wondering if it was just an artistic “phase,” for like 3/4 years. That would be unfortunately lame. Hopefully I can get back into my paintings and create some everlasting influential pieces.

I wonder if there’s a statistic that shows what kind of art people of our generation (millennial/ gen x) are most attracted to/fascinated by.






Roman/Greek (hellenistic/classical)


What do y’all think?

I feel like the world of millennial art collectors is slowly becoming a thing.

According to the NYTimes we’re a¬†generation of consumers that are on track to spend $1.4 trillion annually by 2020 and inherit $30 billion in the coming years. As a woman in my very early 20s and hopefully an art collector of my own one day, I think as millennial art collectors embrace the meaning of art and become more involved we can change the vision of art that is exposed in the world.

Art is such a diverse idea that we can label it into different styles which are composed based on what fucking STROKES and techniques one uses to convey a certain tone and emotion. incredible.

I can’t wait for tomorrow and the next day and the day after that… keep it coming universe.


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