yeah it’s a full moon tonight- what about it?

It’s a full moon tonight, so the sky is bright even though it’s the late dark night. Everyone seems to be out drinking, while i’ve found comfort in solace.

I haven’t felt myself recently but I think i’m finally ready to let go of the person who’s done nothing but hide me- creating excuses and doing the opposite of what they say.

Is it normal for guys to say they want you to be the mother of their children even though they act like they aren’t texting you aggressively everyday around their bros? Haha, sounds like a really great line to use on a vulnerable woman who’s kept you in her life for over two years. ALSO sounds like you need to figure out  how to be a man youngster!

I started looking into stones, crystals, working on healing myself and having an highly aware consciousness. This may sound vain but, I am strong and soon I will be aligned with my higher self. I gotta believe it–let me be!!

I am free. I am love. I am going to be okay one day so for now I write this little blog that I’m sure no one reads, and it’s okay because one day it’ll be something bigger that I visualized into reality.

It’s a full moon tonight and my emotions are everywhere. Being back home in the bedroom I grew up in with my parents in the other room definitely feels different, though I’m not sure if the different is necessarily good or bad. I have yet to come to terms with how I feel about tonight and this past week. It feels like this is the time for movement, physically and mentally…. for new opportunities to be manifested and new friendships to be made, new loves, and new sexual appetites to be fantasized and played out… hmmm…

Manifesting my true intended desires has been rough lately, i feel a lot of resistance, maybe I’m just pissed. or…. mayBE…. actually yeah that’s about it!

If I could just let out all my anger I’m almost certain that right there would start the new chapter to my existence. A chapter with you, with you, with you, ohhh but without you!

soooooo it’s a full moon and I’m sitting on my desk and I’m kinda bored but I’m kinda okay with it. It’s okay to be the college student who stays at home on Friday nights if your heart is broken right…?

P.S. I cut my hair 6/7 inches a few nights ago while I was watching beauty and the beast singing along with a bottle of champagne in one hand and a pair of blue scissors in the other…. loving this current change. take a peak… 


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