the siren- Cleo

Tonight’s topic is big, and… it’s long, so you’ll have to be in the mood for some drama to read this one… Yet another seductress of history, another powerful woman, if not… the most talked about seductress the world has ever known,,,


Her reign as Queen of Egypt for 20 years revolved around her constant detachment of fear and use of seduction to regain the power she was born into that was once taken away from her. This story is much more complex than I ever thought, until today. And being a woman myself that’s ever so fascinated by the groundbreaking ulterior motivated women of history, I’m here to share with you all what I’ve scoped out…

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The Metropolitan museum of art NYC by moi
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The Metropolitan museum of art NYC by moi

Let’s begin.

The Young Cleopatra was a part of a dynasty that was commonly maintained through incest (gross). That being said when her father died in 51 BC she was forced to marry her 10 year old brother and afterwards was sent to exile by him. Later that year Julius Caesar rose and came to Alexandria in aims to uphold the loyal relationship that was low-key kinda fake between Rome and Egypt.

One night while Caesar was in a meeting with his generals he was informed that there was a large merchants gift awaiting him. With his curiosity out the door he gladly accepted… there, in came a massive carpet. As it was unfurled out came the astounding Cleopatra half dressed with a Venus conveying appearance in front of him and all his guests. She risked it all with the help of a sole man for a shot at influencing one of the most powerful men in the world. They say she was only 21 at the time- in her prime. It’s also said that Cleo did not posses one of the most beautiful faces if at all, but it was her voice that was mesmerizing to whomever heard her speak.

That night she became his lover.

Caesar was a man of many mistresses, he played a game of political intrigue and didn’t care for any of the women he bed. His passion lay with trials of warfare and the theatre. After all he was used to the efforts of women wanting to tame his mind and body, but none had prepared him for that of Cleopatra.

She was a theatrical woman, one who transformed herself for the fantasies and delight of a powerful man. She knew he could give her everything she wanted and so with his dominance in the world at the time, he granted her back the throne she once had. Soon she skewed him to adopt Egyptian ways in Rome though it was unfavored by the Romans. She’s often called a whore in their books. Anyways, she arranged for everything he desired and surrounded him with decadence. The relationship they had was a constant game of warfare much to his appeal. She would portray herself as an exotic Egyptian and lure him in with love and lust, but the next day she would grow angry with him and he would have to win her over,,,, all over again. She was worshipped by him, so he obliged to stay with her in Egypt for long while Rome was crashing and upheaval arose.

Caesar was a writer, a thinker who transformed his ideas into his empire. An emperor who lost himself and his complete power unknowingly, over the love he had for a woman who gave him everything he ever wanted to feel. When he returned to Rome he was murdered (shocking). Cleo knew that danger is critical in initiating seduction. Secondly, you must always aspire the physicalness- a quality that will heighten your appeal or demeanor.

Nearly everyone who met the queen of Egypt spoke about her alluring voice. It was outright the sweetest tone. She could get away with saying just about anything, for it wasn’t what she said that mattered, but how she said it. Her presence was bigger than life itself.

When you’re the ultimate siren like Cleopatra was, it’s not about how your symmetrical or pretty your face is… IN FACT that kind of seduction feels too easy to people who crave deeper attraction- It’s about how you create yourself to be, through femininity. The way you dress, the details, the way you… talk… and look at people—-

A fantasy that’s become a reality.

The charm of [Cleopatra’s] pretense was irresistible, and there was an attraction in her person and talk, together with a peculiar force of character, which pervaded her every word and action, laid all who associated with her under it’s spell. It was a delight merely to hear the sound of her voice, with which, like an instrument of many things, she could pass from one language to another.” -PLUTARCH

After Caesar’s death Mark Antony came to power. While he was in Syria Cleopatra invited him to meet with her. There as he waited for her arrival she was spotted on a gold barge with massive purple sails, women dressed as nymphs surrounding her as she sat in the middle looking out with an Aphrodite resemblance. He was eager to fall for her and so he did, but he wanted to tame her as well. Cleopatra was never truly possessed though by any one man.

So began her showing-off her expertise in the subject of appeal. She enclosed him with every imaginable lavish desire he had, digging into his personal repressed interests and cultivating a life of his personal pleasures. Arranging for orgies, gambling parties, mock battles, theatrics and expeditions were her tools of beginning a maddening desire for her in him. Everyday she was new through her use of makeup and fashion. She also had the ability to distract those from seeing her true motives for personal gain. And as Mark Antony was enjoying himself in Egypt, Rome on the other hand was once again falling to pieces. General Octavius granted that Antony could marry his younger sister Octavia who was said to have a most attractive face and a lovely grace about her. He agreed to go back and married the young woman.

After three years of his efforts to forget Cleopatra had failed, he then went back to her and never left until his inevitable death. It’s said once Antony’s forces lost to Octavian in the Battle of Actium, the two fled to Egypt where they committed suicide together. Talk about dramatic….

marcus antonius

Cleopatra was considered to be a cold-blooded queen who was familiar with the use of poison, as she often killed those who were in her way including her own sister.

I’m not sure how true this part is but apparently there was a rumor at the time, that she was planning to poison Mark Antony and once again seduce someone else, this time… Octavius (his rival). When he asked her about it, she did not protest this accusation. He had nothing to hold onto other than the love she had for him. To show him her power she placed flowers in his wine. He waited. Then proceeded to grab the cup, about to drink it when she held his arm and told him not to take a sip. Instead, she made a working boy come in and drink the cup as they watched. The poor boy fell to his immediate death. Mark Antony only then realized the love she had for him and what she was capable of doing. This affirmation of her power over him only made her more titillating.

There are those in this world who have a masochistic yearning of pleasure. Quite often they don’t even know it until it’s evoked by a certain someone.

All it takes is a little bit of pain.

Cleopatra was and is a name that will echo on until we are all dead and extinct. She was the beginning of the idea of being suggestive through subconsciousness. A narcissistic woman who fought not only to survive but become the most dominating source of influence in her world that has reached onto thousands of years after her death.

There’s a lot more to be said of her tactics and charm, but we’ll save all that for another day (maybe…) But for now I hope you enjoyed my history lesson ❤

Most virtue is a demand for greater seduction.


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