About a man like you

Like him; like you.

you sleep almost naked next to me in a bed fit for queens.

you look far to me so every ten minutes or so you gravitate closer.

the echo of your breathy sound is all i hear. 

like you, i try to maintain distance even when all i want is you near.

but my finger tips are magnets to your skin.

like him, he’s got a fluttering heart.

i dare wake him up just to kiss

how selfish AM I??? as

he sleeps nearly naked next to me in a bed fit for kings.

so now you should know i’ve got his grey pants on, writing.

a sense of ringing in my ear.

the thumping of my heart, oh dear.

I’m about to cry because I MISS You I miss yOU!!! becAUSE YOU’RE sleeping.

tonight i made some tea with honey, just real sweet and hot like you like it, hunny

i want to go ride rollercoasters at the amusement park, with you.

maybe we’ve already started climbing mountains…

but i still want to go to the iceskating rink during christmas time, with you.

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