you are everything i’ve dreamt of

you are my new york, and my paris lights at night

you make me believe in everything that is possible instead of those that are impossible

i don’t have the drugs to understand the emotions i feel yet,

i want to feel


i fly alone tonight crying so much,

the love we have why is it being wasted?

tell me now, is it possible

you still want to be with me?




no you just brought me back into the person i dont want to ever be

this means

this means anger

this means war

politics and government never paved the way for our story. we led it with raw beauty and art to speak,

i will not live in regard to everyone else’s average stories. we are that

this time i will make sure,,,, we are more

im in the cold

i’m in a room alone

what now please

cry some more until i sleep all drunk and sad and now here is a chapter i didn’t write into

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