listen to me right now-you

I’m telling you… it’s like, I’m narrating my life while I’m walking down the hallway, or the street- okay?

and it’s like I’m telling myself, ‘hey you feel blue blue bummer blue right now, but then i’m like, count to 15, grab the door handle, make a move,’ something new.

i’m not sure even i understand what i mean when i sAY THAT BULLSHIT.



perhaps there is a reason us young women feel like one person is supposed to make us feel whole, isn’t that kinda fucke dup? and uh…. overrated.

why not fuck a lot of cool people, and let yourself fall in love. why remember, and hold onto that “one” special person even if and or if they left you and now you’re with someone else longing for that other person. it’s not like that other person is going to love you a lot and come back. so

why any of that shit?

I’m sitting here on my desk it’s a saturday night 1 am. and i chose to stay in tonight other than when i went to rush over drop something sentimentaly-hurting if that’s a word.

i feel lost. i feel…. like does anyone even care that i like to write about things.

(not just myself). like, the world.

tonight i was in my car, i had this thought about how i wanted to re-experience someone, how i wanted to re-envelope their mind as someone completely different than before,

isn’t that true? since we are constantly changing- our souls never stay the same.

if our souls and our minds, do our hearts as well?

questions for the late night.

I want you all to picture me riding in my car, you can pick what kind, and just know I’m smiling with my eyes into the road ahead of me.

and so she was.

and so she goes.

ah yes.

this is a new type of poetry, and i have invented it, my name will definitely go down into history for the inventor of “said,” poetic structure…. the…

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