drinking and thinking nightly… p1?

organic popcorn and merlot red wine tonight,

last night’s consisted of chocolate cake and peppermint liquor.

they say the more knowledge you have the more sorrow you’re prone to experiencing.

I feel like I want to read a good book, but I don’t know what to read.

This day and every day has felt like a cycle of reoccurring actions with no definite end.

do it yourself I keep saying

denounce yourself from the title of heartbroken girl

the earth is our home, the vastness of this universe is incomprehensibly neutral and equally mine as it is yours.

I own this moment. and every moment in my life, what a catch right?

to wake up everyday in the same body getting the chance to keep trying day in and out.

if someone was advertising life in heaven, i think i’d fall to that persuasion and find myself here on… an earth…  so i guess that explains why I’m here then.

wine and chocolates

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