should i talk about visual harmony

I think in order to fully understand the psychological, sociological and global components of life– which distort our perceptions of reality. We must first seek to see the truth of why we are attracted to certain unified elements of DESIGN.

Please explain to me why I am attracted to ‘this’ idea over ‘that’  idea. Whether or not they are similar in use or story is not a factor anymore. Relativity is inexistent. It is the subliminal design layout of which you see the information- which instinctually causes someone to become intrigued.


With that being said, these influential patterns of thought should and must be manipulated abruptly in order to reprogram the negative patterns that have been conditioned into all of us.

I want nothing more than to ultimately become in control of what goes on in my life. Yet in a way to come up with a new algorithm of design that masses of people will use- which will deconstruct the mind in a positive way through use of our devices. I wanna change the life we live through our devices. An amplification of manifesting within oneself. To create a new sense of vision and sight.

Anyways…. I’m off to do class work, heres a thought I’ll leave you with.


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